By Monwabisi Jimlongo 

Rumble Africa Promotions (RAP) chairman Teris Ntutu has distanced his promotional outfit from Azinga ‘Golden Boy’ Fuzile’s decision to leave Colin ‘Nomakanjani’ Nathan. 
The former South African featherweight champion returned to his former trainer Mzamo ‘Chief’ Njekanye earlier this week. 
And Ntutu has reiterated that RAP played no role in the talented boxer’s decision. 

“Our work is to promote boxers of which I think we have been doing that very well. We work with more than five managers here in East London. We also work with different managers in Johannesburg. That Azinga has rejoined Chief is not a problem to us,” Ntutu said. 
“We don’t have contracts with managers and trainers. It is the boxers, who tell us when they have changed camps and we respect that as Rumble Africa Promotions.” 
Ntutu has, however, revealed that Fuzile didn’t tell them about his decision to leave Nathan. 
“On this matter, I heard about it from Colin Nathan because we knew Azinga was contracted to Nathan. He contacted us saying that he had had a meeting with Azinga, who told him that he was leaving to rejoin Chief because there was a promise of R20 000 if he did so,” Ntutu said. 
“We told Nathan that there’s nothing we could do if that was the decision of the boxer. We don’t choose trainers for our boxers. I tried calling Azinga numerous times. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get hold of him. I must reiterate that our job is not to tell him what he must do. I’m happy that Colin knows that we were not involved in the process of Azinga leaving him.” 
Ntutu added that they want to make sure that no contractual disputes arise out of this matter.
“We know the consequences of contractual disputes as they don’t benefit a boxer. In most cases people, who have contractual disputes with boxers are those with resources. History has proven that when there are contractual disputes the beneficiaries are not boxers,” the RAP boss said. 
Meanwhile, Ntutu has maintained that RAP’s relationship with Nathan is solid. 
“I think some people confuse Colin Nathan, who is a manager and trainer at Hot Box Gym and Colin Nathan, who was appointed as RAP international adviser. I think it’s important to note the difference. Our relationship with Colin is very good and we are happy with him and his work. He is going to continue as our international adviser,” Ntutu said. 

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