Lebo Mahoko is happy to see Cindy Nkomo’s back after she resigned as acting Boxing South Africa (BSA) chief executive officer and director of operations. 

The Dream Team Promotions boss had run-ins with Nkomo after he was charged for allowing Free State MEC for Sport, Arts and Culture Limakatso Mahasa and her 15-member entourage into the venue where he held his tournament last December. 

“The heavens are not gonna fall simply because Cindy has resigned. Her departure does not mean that there is gonna be chaos in South African boxing,” Mahoko said. 

“Under her reign the boxing fraternity was the most fractured, the morale was very low. Let her go.” 

The 2016 Most Promising Promoter of the Year award winner added that he was charged for allowing less than 20 people into his tournament while other promoters have a free pass as they have opened doors for 100 or more fans into their tournaments. 

“I let the MEC and her entourage into the tournament venue and I was charged for doing so. Fortunately, the case that was brought against me has died a natural death. I’m not being pursued anymore,” Mahoko said.

Meanwhile, Mahoko has said that BSA needs a CEO who understands the dynamics of the fistic sport. 

“We need a person who has walked this path before. Someone who knows the corners, pitfalls and uphill battles of boxing people,” he said.

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